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About KB4 Property Group

We Focus On Multi-Family Real Estate Investing


KB4 not only provides quality housing to tenants but allows others to invest in real estate who would not be able to on their own.  Our company focuses on generating optimal returns for our investors and strives to be one of the top-rated real estate investment firms within our marketplace.


To set a standard of excellence in the investment world by providing an exceptional tenant experience, transforming properties to enhance the community, and creating outstanding profitability while doing so.

Our Team

Bill Murray

Managing Partner

Bill Murray is a partner and founding member of KB4 Property Group LLC, a real estate investment firm located in New Hampshire.  With his passion for entrepreneurship starting at his last company which Bill helped grow from $6 million to an impressive $75 million, it was time for him to take the skills he learned and apply them to real estate investing.  

Driven by the belief that real estate is a powerful wealth-building tool, Bill transitioned into the world of property investment. Currently, he manages a diverse portfolio of over 55 units and counting.

Each property represents not just a physical asset, but a strategic move towards financial independence and long-term success.  His journey in real estate has been fueled by the desire to create lasting value and cultivate prosperous communities. Bill is committed to identifying opportunities, optimizing assets, and navigating the intricate landscape of real estate investing to create win/win opportunities for everyone involved.

Whether you're a seasoned investor seeking new avenues or a newcomer looking to embark on your real estate journey, definitely reach out to Bill with questions or to talk about real estate.  He is always looking to grow and expand his network and knows this is a team sport.

As always, Get in the Game.

Contact Bill:

Bob Murray

Managing Partner

Bob Murray is a partner and founding member of KB4 Property Group LLC, a real estate investment firm based in New Hampshire. With a strong passion for personal finance and wealth creation, Bob is dedicated to establishing a solid foundation in the real estate sector. Drawing from his extensive experience in sales management, leadership, and business operations, Bob has successfully elevated a company's value from $6 million to $75 million. Motivated by his entrepreneurial spirit, Bob decided to venture into the multifamily space, betting on his own skills and expertise.

Bob Murray_family photo.jpg

Bob's fascination with real estate began in 2014 when he rented his first family home. Since then, he has been captivated by the endless possibilities and has fully immersed himself in the world of real estate investment. With a clear vision for the future, Bob sets ambitious goals to continuously expand his portfolio, aiming to increase the number of units by tenfold each year.


Bob understands that not everyone may be ready to invest immediately, but he is always available to provide guidance and share his wealth of knowledge. His commitment to helping others learn and gain confidence in real estate investment is unwavering. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced investor, Bob is here to offer a guiding hand and support your journey toward financial success.

As always, Get in the Game. 

Contact Bob:

(603) 818-1793 (Text/Call)

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